Do Not Miss The Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cookers Reviews

Do Not Miss The Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cookers Reviews

Do Not Miss The Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cookers Reviews

After years of working at Spago Restaurant in Beverly Hills, Wolfgang Puck decided to bring his great cooking techniques right into your kitchen. To this effect, he has manufactured a variety of cookware including pressure cookers. Pressure cookers are used to cook food faster than traditional methods by capturing steam in a sealed container. These are often used to cook rice or steam vegetables as well as to cook meat.

Wolfgang Puck pressure cookers have a touch of tech-functionality and modernity. They feature digital controls to allow you more control over your food. You can make chef-like meals within the confines of your kitchen.

The pressure cookers are also available in different sizes, ensuring that you find one that’s the perfect size for your family. They come in 5-qt, 7-qt or 8-qt sizes for big families. To help you make an educated decision, read the following reviews for more information.

Wolfgang Puck 5-Qt. Electronic Pressure Cooker

The Wolfgang Puck 5-Qt Electronic Pressure Cooker is designed for the contemporary kitchen. However, that does not mean you cannot make it a part of your Victorian-style kitchen. As long as there is a power source, the electric pressure cooker will work well in any setting.

This pressure cooker has presets for different menus and a microprocessor control panel with an output screen. These two enable you to control your cooking based on the meal you are preparing. The most striking feature of this pressure cooker is the removable inner pot, which bears a nonstick surface. It is available for about $100.


  • Compact design enables you to place anywhere on countertop
  • Digital controls are a bonus especially pre-programmable settings
  • Cooks variety of meals
  • Removable inner pot makes cleaning much easier
  • Nonstick surface
  • Exterior of pressure cooker remains cool and safe to touch


  • Digital menu settings limits you from cooking other recipes
  • Preset function does not take into consideration variations such as different geographical locations
  • Not very large

The Wolfgang Puck 5-Qt Electronic Pressure Cooker is a perfect solution for small families or individuals looking for a fast and efficient cooking appliance. From its digital controls to the removable pressure cooker pot, they all increase its performance in the kitchen. However, the same controls and settings can limit your experience.

Wolfgang Puck Automatic Pressure Cooker-8-Qt

For those looking for a better and faster way of cooking soft rice, tender meats and crispy veggies, why not try the Wolfgang Puck Automatic Pressure Cooker-8-Qt? It is large enough to cook meals for your family and a few guests.

Some of its features include a dial timer, which replaces the digital control, which is common in most electric pressure cookers. It also has a precise thermostat, which controls the temperature and the pressure once cooking is complete. This is an important feature, especially when you are not in close proximity with the cooker.

The pressure cooker comes in different colors including black, orange, blue and red. It also has a removable inner pot, which can be used to store leftovers and makes it easy to clean. This Wolfgang Puck pressure cooker costs about $250.


  • Dial timer is a plus for people not familiar with digital controls
  • Sleek and colorful design adds character to your kitchen
  • Has a removable pot, which makes cleaning easier
  • Nonstick inner surface
  • 8-qt size perfect for large families
  • Comes with recipe book
  • Safe to use with pressure release valve and open/close lock function


  • Dial timer may pose challenges to those who are used to digital controls
  • Exterior plastic trim limits durability

The Wolfgang Puck Automatic Pressure Cooker-8-Qt is a great buy. With a capacity of 8-qts, it provides meals for large families. In addition, its removable pot is another attractive feature. The dial timer is beneficial to users who do not like the complexity of the digital controls; on the hand, those used to electronic controls are disadvantaged.


Of all the pressure cookers above, the Wolfgang Puck Automatic Pressure Cooker-8-Qt takes the lead. Its large capacity and dial timer, which is specific to this model, are its selling points.

Last on this review is the Wolfgang Puck 5-Qt Electronic Pressure Cooker. While it is small, it features a digital control as any other modern pressure cooker. This 5-Qt would be a good purchase for an individual or couple.

How to Can Green Beans with a Pressure Cooker Easily

How to Can Green Beans with a Pressure Cooker Easily

If you have an abundance of green beans from your garden or find fresh green beans cheap at the grocery store, it is incredibly easy to can them with a pressure cooker.

Choose Your Beans

Wash and sort your beans as you want to can only those that are fresh, plump and filled out. You need about a pound for each pint or two pounds for each quart.

it is incredibly easy to can them

Wash the Beans

Turn on the cold water in the kitchen sink and wash the beans. Cut off the ends of the beans.

Bring Water to a Boil

Place three quarts of water into a large stock pan. Bring the water to a boil.

How to Can Green Beans with a Pressure Cooker Easily

Prepare Your Jars

Place your canning jars in a large pot of water, and bring it to a boil. After the water boils, continue boiling the jars for 10 minutes.

Prepare the Lids

Place the lids in a pan of water. Boil them for 10 minutes.

Place Water in Pressure Canner

Make sure to follow your manufacturer’s directions. Generally, you will want to fill the pressure cooker with three quarts of warm water.

Add Vinegar

Add two tablespoons of vinegar to the water. This stops water stains on the jars.

Maintain Water Temperature

Set the pressure cooker on the stove. Turn the heat on to medium so that the water stays warm.

Pack the Green Beans

Remove one jar from the hot water using tongs. Pack in the green beans until only one inch remains at the top of the jar.

How to Can Green Beans with a Pressure Cooker Easily

Cover with Water

Pour boiling water from the large stock pan over the green beans. Make sure all beans are covered, and there is one inch of space at the top of the jar.

Remove Air Bubbles

Slide a plastic knife down the inside of the jar to remove any air bubbles. Ensure you have one inch at the top and all beans are covered with water.

Wipe Jar Top

Use a clean cloth to wipe the top of the jar. Place on a lid only tightening with your fingers.Place in Pressure CookerUse a jar lifter to place the jars in the hot water in the pressure cooker.

Pressure Cook Beans

Place the lid on the pressure cooker. Turn up the heat until a steady flow of steam is coming through the vent.

Set the Pressure

Set the pressure gauge to 10 pounds and attach to the pressure cooker. Once the gauge begins to rock, cook the beans for 20 minutes for pints and 25 minutes for quarts.


Stop and wait until the pressure returns to zero. Remove the jars to a clean towel and wait until you hear the jars pop.