Do Not Miss The Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cookers Reviews

Do Not Miss The Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cookers Reviews

After years of working at Spago Restaurant in Beverly Hills, Wolfgang Puck decided to bring his great cooking techniques right into your kitchen. To this effect, he has manufactured a variety of cookware including pressure cookers. Pressure cookers are used to cook food faster than traditional methods by capturing steam in a sealed container. These are often used to cook rice or steam vegetables as well as to cook meat.

Wolfgang Puck pressure cookers have a touch of tech-functionality and modernity. They feature digital controls to allow you more control over your food. You can make chef-like meals within the confines of your kitchen.

The pressure cookers are also available in different sizes, ensuring that you find one that’s the perfect size for your family. They come in 5-qt, 7-qt or 8-qt sizes for big families. To help you make an educated decision, read the following reviews for more information.

Wolfgang Puck 5-Qt. Electronic Pressure Cooker

The Wolfgang Puck 5-Qt Electronic Pressure Cooker is designed for the contemporary kitchen. However, that does not mean you cannot make it a part of your Victorian-style kitchen. As long as there is a power source, the electric pressure cooker will work well in any setting.

This pressure cooker has presets for different menus and a microprocessor control panel with an output screen. These two enable you to control your cooking based on the meal you are preparing. The most striking feature of this pressure cooker is the removable inner pot, which bears a nonstick surface. It is available for about $100.


  • Compact design enables you to place anywhere on countertop
  • Digital controls are a bonus especially pre-programmable settings
  • Cooks variety of meals
  • Removable inner pot makes cleaning much easier
  • Nonstick surface
  • Exterior of pressure cooker remains cool and safe to touch


  • Digital menu settings limits you from cooking other recipes
  • Preset function does not take into consideration variations such as different geographical locations
  • Not very large

The Wolfgang Puck 5-Qt Electronic Pressure Cooker is a perfect solution for small families or individuals looking for a fast and efficient cooking appliance. From its digital controls to the removable pressure cooker pot, they all increase its performance in the kitchen. However, the same controls and settings can limit your experience.

Wolfgang Puck Automatic Pressure Cooker-8-Qt

For those looking for a better and faster way of cooking soft rice, tender meats and crispy veggies, why not try the Wolfgang Puck Automatic Pressure Cooker-8-Qt? It is large enough to cook meals for your family and a few guests.

Some of its features include a dial timer, which replaces the digital control, which is common in most electric pressure cookers. It also has a precise thermostat, which controls the temperature and the pressure once cooking is complete. This is an important feature, especially when you are not in close proximity with the cooker.

The pressure cooker comes in different colors including black, orange, blue and red. It also has a removable inner pot, which can be used to store leftovers and makes it easy to clean. This Wolfgang Puck pressure cooker costs about $250.


  • Dial timer is a plus for people not familiar with digital controls
  • Sleek and colorful design adds character to your kitchen
  • Has a removable pot, which makes cleaning easier
  • Nonstick inner surface
  • 8-qt size perfect for large families
  • Comes with recipe book
  • Safe to use with pressure release valve and open/close lock function


  • Dial timer may pose challenges to those who are used to digital controls
  • Exterior plastic trim limits durability

The Wolfgang Puck Automatic Pressure Cooker-8-Qt is a great buy. With a capacity of 8-qts, it provides meals for large families. In addition, its removable pot is another attractive feature. The dial timer is beneficial to users who do not like the complexity of the digital controls; on the hand, those used to electronic controls are disadvantaged.


Of all the pressure cookers above, the Wolfgang Puck Automatic Pressure Cooker-8-Qt takes the lead. Its large capacity and dial timer, which is specific to this model, are its selling points.

Last on this review is the Wolfgang Puck 5-Qt Electronic Pressure Cooker. While it is small, it features a digital control as any other modern pressure cooker. This 5-Qt would be a good purchase for an individual or couple.

Watch Out for the Top Elite Pressure Cookers Reviews

Watch Out for the Top Elite Pressure Cookers Reviews

Elite is a leading brand in the production of pressure cookers, which have become a part of many kitchens for many years. The cookers cook fast, which mean they save energy and get meals on the table quickly. The cookers are available in many sizes, models and designs.

Some of the common features include preset cooking menus, delay timers and programmable cooking features. All these features make Elite pressure cookers more popular than others on the market.

The difference in sizes also allows even large families to make their meals in a faster way. There are also smaller models for smaller families or individuals. Their prices will range based on the features present. To make your search easier for the best Elite pressure cooker, below are some great choices for you to review:

Elite 14-Function 8qt Electronic Pressure Cooker

It is often a lot of pressure to make a meal as your guests wait, but not when you are using the Elite 13-Function 8qt Electronic Pressure Cooker. The pressure cooker presents 13 preset cooking menus, programmable cooking capability and a preset delay timer.

The delay timer is an asset for people with hectic lifestyles. Its large capacity makes it a suitable appliance for making family meals. With this pressure cooker, you can say goodbye to long cooking periods and enjoy tasty meals.


  • 13-preset cooking menus to help you fix all kinds of recipes from soft veggies to stews
  • Delay timer makes it safe to leave pot running
  • Program pressure cooker based on food you are cooking
  • Has a large capacity of about 8 quarts, suitable for large families
  • Stainless steel housing


  • Not safe to place in the dishwasher
  • Lacks light indicators when locking
  • Does not have other functions like some pressure cookers

The 13-Function 8qt Electronic Pressure Cooker from Elite is a family cooker. It is capable of cooking several meals as long as you set the programmable feature. However, it cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Elite 8-Function 10-Quart Electronic Pressure Cooker

If you often feel pressured to place dinner on the table, the Elite 8-Function 10-Quart Electronic Pressure Cooker can be your relief. It is what you need for your large family or when your extended family hops in. It makes various meals in a fraction of the time all thanks to the ingenuity of the eight presets. In the package, you will find the pressure cooker with its lid, measuring cup, removable nonstick interior pot, steam condensation cup, a spoon and a manual.


  • 10-quart capacity, suitable for large families
  • 8 presets can cook a wide range of dishes
  • Has a delay timer
  • Removable nonstick pot is easy to clean and store
  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Can brown foods before cooking


  • Pressure cooker is very large and not easy to store or move
  • Does not have other functions like some pressure cookers

The Elite 8-Function 10-Quart Electronic Pressure Cooker makes cooking much easier and efficient. Simply place all your ingredients in the pot, set the cooking level with the preset function, and start cooking. However, it is best suited for large families or for making meals for guests. Nonetheless, it is a good pressure cooker in terms of functionality and design.

Elite Platinum EPC-678SS 11-Function Digital Pressure Cooker with Stainless Steel Pot, 6-Quart

Pressurized cooking makes preparing meals an experience to look forward to. With the Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker, you can enjoy fast and flavorful meals with family. Its 11 preprogrammed menu functions enable you to make a variety of meals with great speed but without compromising on the taste.

This cooker has a 24-hour preset timer to allow you to delay cooking. It also has an easy-to-use touch pad with an LED display. Both the interior and exterior are stainless steel to make it easy to clean. It has automatic pressure control with auto-lock handles.


  • Cooks fast and preset feature is great for busy people
  • 11-function ability can cook a wide range of foods including stews, rice, potatoes, soups, meat and poultry
  • Reheating function works better than your microwave
  • Electric and programmable


  • 6-quart capacity is best for individuals

The Elite Platinum EPC-678SS 11-Function Digital Pressure Cooker is a great little cooker that will allow you to prepare meals quickly and efficiently. This set also comes with a serving spoon, measuring cup and steam rack.


The above three Elite Pressure Cookers are among the best in the pool, but the one you choose should be based on your needs and your family size. The 6 quart pressure cooker is a good choice for individuals or a smaller family.

The 13-Function 8qt Electronic Pressure Cooker is also a great cooker. Its 13 functions make it useful and fun to use. Its capacity is also suited for big families and for those family gatherings.

Lastly, is the Elite 8-Function 10-Quart Electronic Pressure Cooker, which lacks in the number of presets, but its capacity is larger than the other two models.