Sometimes life can leave you feeling like you’re in a pressure cooker. Your stress levels from work can be mounting, you might have a university assignment due the next day that you haven’t started, or you could be stuck in traffic making you late for an appointment. It’s important to find a way to alleviate this anxiety, giving yourself the proper work/life balance to minimise stress and optimise your body and mind. Exercise is such an excellent avenue for relieving stress. The physicality of moving your body releases endorphins into your body via the central nervous system. They are made in the pituitary gland as a response to pain and stress, interacting with opiate receptors to minimise the pain experience. It therefore makes sense to try and find ways to motivate yourself to exercise more. One such method can be found in the responsible use of sarms.

Sarms are short for selective androgen receptor modulators. They operate by binding to androgen receptors, initiating the signal for your muscle cells to grow. Sarms were first discovered by scientists studying treatments for prostate cancer. Whilst they weren’t successful at relieving the prostate, they were useful in helping the cancer patients develop lean muscle mass. Some of these androgens receptors that sarms can potentially target include those found in dopamine neurons. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which has many functions including helping you to feel pleasure. Therefore, as sarms can act as a signal to increase dopamine, it helps to generate a positive feedback cycle. By working in conjunction with the other benefits that sarms have to offer, you can find that your motivation to exercise is heightened. One of these other benefits is an increase to the body’s endurance capacity. By improving endurance, some sarms have the effect of allowing you to train for longer periods of time without fatiguing. They are also able to hasten recovery, meaning that you are able to exercise more regularly if you wish.

Having an enhancement to endurance and recovery is going to facilitate gaining muscle mass. As previously mentioned, sarms are known to boost lean muscle mass. They do this by stimulating androgen receptors in muscle and bone cells throughout the body. Given this augmentation of muscle mass, it is going to make working out more achievable and encourage you to work out more often, feeding into that motivational feedback loop.

Sarms are also going to make it easier to lose weight as they can help to cut fat from the body. They can target adipose tissues to promote energy expenditure, helping to burn fat during exercise. Combined with the extra exercise you’re inclined to do by taking sarms, the potential for weight loss is further increased.
There are numerous potential benefits to the use of sarms. If you need a little more motivation to do some personal training, they can accelerate the outcomes and encourage you to persevere. Life doesn’t need to be a pressure cooker.