Best pressure cooker recipes

Having pressure cooker recipes mean that you can fully utilize your pressure cooker to make delicious meals fast. However, it is important to ensure that the recipes you get are for a variety of foods and those that you enjoy cooking. To help you find some recipes that you’ll enjoy with your pressure cooker, below are some of the best pressure cooker recipe books.

Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes

Written by Vickie Smith, this recipe book features almost 400 pressure cooker recipes with detailed instructions. The book also contains guidance on the use of a pressure cooker such as detailed instructions, mistakes made in pressure cooking, pressure cooking techniques and safety in pressure cooking.

Both long time fans and newcomers can use the recipes to make amazing pressure-cooked meals.  Recipes range from meals on foods such as meat, beans, fish and pasta as well as stews such as walnut chicken. It also features desserts. This recipe books costs about $ 15.


  • Contains hundreds of recipes on many types of foods including one-pot meals
  • Contains advice on other aspects of pressure-cooking such as on choosing a machine and use of a pressure cooker
  • Detailed instructions are given for the recipes


  • Mainly targets meat eaters although there are some legume recipes
  • Recipes are mainly for manual pressure cookers and not electric cookers
  • Does not have pictures

Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes is an all round recipe book that also features guidance on the use and choosing of a pressure cooker. It provides detailed instructions on almost 400 recipes that range from one-pot meals to dessert. The recipe book is money well spent, especially if you’re just getting started out and need lots of inspiration.

Cooking Under Pressure

The 20th anniversary edition of Cooking Under Pressure by Lorna Sass contains pressure cooker recipes that range from familiar foods such as Brunswick stew to modern dishes. It also includes recipes on beans, grains and risotto as well as vegetables, cheesecakes and puddings.

Sass provides tips and guides on pressure cooking vegetables, grains and beans in addition to many recipes that include stews and soups and even more glamorous dishes. The recipes in hardcover costs about $18.


  • Have a variety of recipes that range from simple to high level
  • Author has experience in pressure-cooking spanning many years
  • Introduces various types of dishes that can be prepared within a short time


  • Book does not contain pictures for illustrating recipes
  • Recipes are meant for a stovetop pressure cooker and not an electric cooker

Cooking Under Pressure is a pressure cooker recipe book for familiar and modern foods. It also includes guides and tips regarding pressure cooking different types of foods such as beans, grains and vegetables. The book is worth buying for those for those interested in knowing how to use a pressure cooker and to learn different recipes.


Having a great recipe book specifically for a pressure cooker is a wise investment for someone who wants to utilize their cooker fully. There are so many different recipes on the market, and in this category, the best is Great Food Fast. Although it has fewer recipes, they are based on the use of an electric cooker and written by an expert in the field. The recipes are detailed and they use pictures.

Cooking Under Pressure takes the last position with its recipes that are based on a stovetop pressure cooker. This cookbook has been in existence for a long time and may need to be rewritten to include electric pressure cookers recipes. However, if you have a stovetop pressure cooker, this may be the best recipe book for you.